Our Bikes – Part 2 – Heritage Softail

This brings the Harley Davidson part of our story right up to date because, as I write this, we have only had the Heritage for two weekends, although we actually bought it the weekend before, on Saturday 29th March 2008. Sue and I are both members of the committee of Sherwood Chapter and we had been at a committee meeting that morning at the Harley dealers. It had been publicised that there would be a ride out after the meeting which would have seen us aboard the Sportster. However, the British weather ensured that we stayed around to wait for a break in the rain that never really came.

As we wandered around the store, chatting to other chapter members and staff from the dealership, I was repeatedly drawn back to one particular bike. We talked to Nick (the boss) who suggested that we should look at a Road King that had just arrived at the store. Despite the drizzle, we jumped at the chance of a test ride and my first ride on a touring bike was two-up around the streets of Beeston, Nottingham.

We loved this bike at first sight, but Nick had other ideas.

There was a blue Road Glide in the store and that was wheeled out for our second test ride of the afternoon. I liked this machine as well, but Sue wasn’t too keen on the metal bar just in front of the hard panniers on each of these bikes.

That left the brand new Heritage Softail from the stores demonstrator fleet as our third test ride. As soon as I sat on this bike everything just felt right. The ride was little more than around the block, but the grin inside my helmet couldn’t have been any bigger. OK, we were on the fuel-injected six-geared 2008 model, but we had no illusions, a new machine was simply out of our price range. But that ride clinched the deal.  Sue felt as comfortable on the pillion as I did on the front We plumped for the very same machine that I had been drawn to earlier in the day, that 2002 model Heritage in Blue and Silver.

The Heritage Softail

We picked the bike up the following Saturday and rode it into Derbyshire for lunch and a visit to Peak Rail and we joined the chapter ride out the following day, but that’s going to be a separate ride report on another day soon.

Ride Safe


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