Our Bikes – Part 4 – Yamaha YBR 125

With the tale of the current commuter bike, this mini-series reaches the end of the road (for now). 

The Yamaha is the replacement for the ill-fated scooter. It has also brought me a little closer to biker credibility than riding a scooter could ever do.

This machine was bought, brand new, from CMC in Daybrook, Nottingham and I have just realised that this was the only bike that we actually set out to buy; all the rest were rather more impulsive decisions.  I do remember saying that I’d like to go for a bike this time rather than a scooter and we agreed that it should be a bike that Sue could learn to ride on. So we pitched up at CMC in March 2006 and wandered around the shop for a while before settling on this red 125 cc machine.

There is very little to say about it really, it does exactly what it supposed to do. It gets me to and from work in all weathers, takes me around Nottingham – and occasionally a bit beyond when work demands it and it has never, in its first year, ever failed to start or let me down in any way. It’s a great little bike.

This bike almost became Sue’s weekend ride, but this hasn’t quite happened yet.

She went on a Ladies Of Harley Try-Out day at a bike school and had a great time. So she decided to go back and complete her CBT (Compulsory Basic Training).  This was, unfortunately, not a great experience for her as she came off the bike while she was still riding around in the riding school’s yard. The front wheel of the bike slipped in a puddle and she landed on the ground with the bike on top of her, bashing her knee and shoulder and taking a big knock to her confidence.

But Sue is no quitter. She went to another bike school, Shires. This was the same school that I did my own CBT and Direct Access course with. Although it took her a couple of sessions to complete the CBT, she got though it late in the 2006 season.

That was when she discovered that our insurance company wanted an arm and a leg to add her to the insurance for the Yamaha. As winter was approaching, we decided not to put her onto the insurance right away, but to review the situation in the spring (if it ever comes!). Meanwhile, Sue has said, several times, that she’s happy to be on the back of the Harley-Davidson for the time being.

I will add a picture of the Yamaha here soon – once I’ve had time to give it a quick clean!

Ride Safe,


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