Chips in Chapel

After the marathon ride which was the Blackpool trip, I spent two hours in the sunshine of Friday cleaning the Heritage until it gleamed. Most of Saturday was spent either pottering about at home or catching up on some of the Sherwood Chapter membership tasks. By about 4 o’clock we had finished and decided to have a run out. Sue first suggested the Snake Pass, but then a much shorter ride to Matlock Bath for chips.

So we got ready and set off at about half past four in the afternoon heading northwards out of Nottingham and up the M1 with every intention of coming off at Junction 28 and heading along the A38. As we approached the junction, I had one of those “Oh sod it” moments and carried on up to the next junction and retraced the route that I described in my previous post as far as Calver crossroads where we arrived at 5:35pm. Unfortunatley the cafe closed at 5:30. We continued north on the A623 across the Peak District as far as the A6 roundabout where we went into the centre of Chapel-en-le-Frith.

Chapel-en’le-Frith is probably not the liveliest of towns at any time, but half past six on a Saturday evening may not have been the best time to visit.  However, we soon spotted what we were looking for, a chip shop.

High Street Fish and Chips at 20 High Street, Chapel-en-le Frith provided us with two excellent trays of chips, musy peas and curry. I was very impressed that we were offered a choice of spicy or fruity curry. We both went for the fruity curry and it proved an excellent choice to go with the very tasty chips.

Sue was very impressed with both the al-fresco meal and with Derbyshire’s scenery, and even though we were two hours away from home by then, neither of us were feeling any “numb bum” syndrome. The Heritage is proving a great touring machine.

With the chips polished off in the evening sunshine, we decided to ride back down the A6 via Buxton. This road has speed limits and a liberal scattering of cameras all the way through to Derby. This meant that our journey was rarely faster than 50 miles per hour, but many of the bends on this road made that feel fast enough for me for most of the time, although I did move over several times to let faster sports bikes come past on several occasions.

We decided to pay a visit to my mum, who lives in Long Eaton, so followed the A6 all the way to the Derby Ring Road before a quick blast along the A52. As usual, we were welcomed with mugs of tea and good conversation before making our way home in the gathering dusk.

After about four hours riding we had still not used a full tank of increasingly precious four star petrol and I was very pleased that we had both enjoyed our late afternoon and evening excursion. I am looking forward to more of them in the coming months.

Ride Safe


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