Volunteer Coordinators’ Network Update 60

Hi all,

The powers that be at work have indicated that they don’t like the fact that there was work-related information on my personal blog.

I have refused to delete this page, but have agreed to remove the content. In fact, I intended to do this anyway at some point.

Ride Safe


One thought on “Volunteer Coordinators’ Network Update 60

  1. Irene Smith

    RE Job Centres;

    We have a particular problem as we are not a charity but technically a business due to the nature of our work. However, we depend on volunteers & we have had a least 3 who have been told they cannot work for us, a least one has been told we should be paying them. Moby Farrands has been helping one lady who is being turned down for jobs due to lack of work experience who has been told she cannot volunteer for us to gain that experience. When you consider we can offer cashiering, customer service, admin & financial work, it seems totally ridiculous!



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