The Eighth Day Of The Eighth Month Of the Eighth Year

This post is linked to today’s date and has nothing whatever to do with trains or bikes. I just started thinking about the things linked to the “Eighth Day”.

The Soul Band
The West Coast soul band Eighth Day were formed in 1966 and came under the umbrella of Holland-Dozier-Holland’s post Motown period at Invictus Records where they had a few minor hits and a couple of albums. They were certainly still around in 1998 with a third album release then.

The Hazel O’Connor Song
Eighth Day by Hazel O’Connor was from the (not very good) film, Breaking Glass.

Book By Thornton Wilder
This 1967 novel has been described as a forgotten gem. I’m not convinced that a book that sold over 70,000 copies and that I have actually read can really be said to have been forgotten. Eight Day was written late in the writer’s career which had begun in the 1920s.

Graphic Novel by Arni Lochner
This seems to be more of a work in progress than a finished novel, but it can found online as a third year project (presumably) from his university days. It isn’t clear whether it will ever be finished, but the site is very cool with some irritatingly dark music and cartoon-like graphics.

Film Directed By Jaco van Dormael
Eight Day is a French film made in 1996, Le Huitième Jour. It explores the world of Georges, a Down’s Syndrome sufferer and his quest for a meaningful relationship with businessman, Harry.

Vegetarian Cafe in Manchester
The first hit on google for “Eight Day” is this veggie cafe and shop run by a cooperative in Manchester. I’ve never been, but you never know what could happen in the future.

By the way, I like lots of veggie food, but I’m a dyed-in-the-wool carnivore. However, one with reservations about eating things that used to be alive.

This gives me an idea for another post that has nothing to to do with bikes, trains or music. Come back soon and I’ll tell you about Sue and the snails.

There are lots more things that I could add about the Eighth Day, and if you really want to make my eighth day, tell me about one or two of them by adding a comment.

Ride Safe


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