Visitor Milestones

This morning, I looked at the statistics that WordPress so comprehensively provide and I was delighted to realise that, for the first time ever, we had more than 100 visits to ChuffingHog during last week.

Another pending milestone is that we are going to hit our 1000th visit sometime towards the end of this week.

When I started writing this nonsense, I hoped that a few people might pick up on it. It’s great that so many people, most of whom I will probably never meet, can be bothered to read this. However, these fall into perspective as very minor milestones when you realise that my own blogging role model and icon Larry Grogan (whose style, wit and insight I can never hope to match) has had over a million visits to his own blog, Funky16Corners. He also has two other popular blogs at Iron Leg and Paperback Rider.

From me, thanks for your visit, especially if you’ve been here before and have come back for more. I’ll try to find more biking, railway and occasional music stories to fill a couple of idle moments.

Ride Safe


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