Wedding – First Dance

When Sue and I are out and about with our disco hats on during the summer months, the majority of our gigs are weddings. These vary a great deal from couple to couple and even from venue to venue. However, the almost unchanging soundtrack to a wedding is the anthemic, some would say cheesy, songs that get everyone from granny to the bridesmaid up and enjoying themselves on the dance floor.

But before the guests are “officially” let loose there is an important final ceremony in a day that is usually packed with ceremonial and tradition. I have no influence over the way the service goes, nor can I control the best man’s speech. But I do have input into the way the bride and groom’s first dance is integrated into the evening’s entertainment.

I really like it when I can make a bit of a production of calling the bride and groom onto the floor, using their married name which is still something of a novelty for everyone present. Then with suitable lighting effects running, pressing the start button on the song that they have spent weeks agonising over and will recall for years to come – the first dance.

This weekend’s bride and groom chose “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol.

I have put a selection of other recent songs that we have played on wedding page of our disco website at and although the wedding “season” is almost over for this year, I am going to post each first dance song as I play it.

At our own wedding, we chose “From This Moment” by Shania Twain and every time I hear this song, it brings back great memories of our special day. 

Isn’t romance great?

Ride Safe


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