A Double Celebration

As celebrations go, it was all a bit low key, it was nothing more than a trip to our local 2 for 1 restaurant-pub.  Just for the record, Sue had roast chicken and I had a steak pie.

I was sitting at the table minding my own business while Sue had gone to order our meals when my slightly barmy friend, Tony, and his long-suffering wife, also named Sue, appeared. They had come out for a slap-up meal to celebrate Tony’s birthday.

We had gone there because Sue had just been offered a new job. This is a half-time post as a Neighbourhood Volunteering Activist with Bulwell Vision, the local area partnership that covers the area where we both live. Sue already works 18 and half hours a week, so this job will make her a full timer again for the first time in many years, since she left her last full time job after a period of bullying and harrassment. Working full time again is going to be a big step for her, but I am 100% certain that she will make as big a success of her new role as she has with her existing one.

She has been making noises about me cooking some of the evening meals – sounding for all the world as if she doesn’t believe that I could do it. She’s in for a surprise. I am perfectly capable of producing a meal. I have watched “The Restaurant” and occasionally seen Rick Stein and I never miss the Hairy Bikers. I know what to do. I just need to be left alone in the kitchen to create in peace. I’ll let you know if that ever actually happens.

After our meals, we headed for home. Tony lives just across the road from us and Sue insisted that he came straight round to collect the card and present that she had got for him, but as we had both forgotten that it was his birthday, we hadn’t written or wrapped.

We would have been ready if his birthday had been any later than the 1st of the month – we hadn’t turned the page on the kitchen calendar!

On handing over the card with the legend “You have to grow older, but you don’t have to grow up”, Sue gave him his present – modesty prevents me from going into too much detail, except to say that Tony’s present was a posing pouch made of sweets.  Simply writing that line makes my mind boggle, so let’s move quickly on.

Ride Safe


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