Messy Volunteering

My previous post  on this blog put my own volunteering experience in something of a negative light, so this time, and next, I want to redress this with a tale of some fun volunteering.

My own domestic authority, better known as my wife, Sue, has two part-time jobs. One of these is at Bulwell Vision, a neighbourhood partnership in an area of Nottingham close to where we live. She is a Neighbourhood Volunteering Activist, although I would have called her job something that would need a bit less explanation, such as Volunteering Development Worker. Anyway, a rose by any other name…

Her job is to encourage local people to volunteer. As I am a local person, I was persuaded to help out with a project that she was organising to paint a local play centre over a recent weekend.

Sue In Full Flow

Sue In Full Flow

I am probably the world’s least enthusiastic and least capable handyman, and decorating fits nicely into my lack of aptitude.  So for this, and several other reasons, this became quite a messy job. However, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this activity, although it soon became clear that the staff of the Playcentre were less than keen on the amount of paint that was landing on the floor and on me (and, to be fair, on most of us). 
Yours truly having fun with blue paint

Yours truly having fun with blue paint

We spent Friday afternoon and all day Saturday painting the walls in various bright colours, as befits a room used by small children. We even tackled one section of the vast ceiling, but our team and resources was overwhelmed by the rest of ceiling and we concentrated on finishing the walls.

Sue’s job, like most jobs, has targets to deliver and my own two days spent at the Red Lion Play Centre counted towards one output for her project. This is to engage volunteers three times. I guess the theory is that if they do three times and enjoy, they’ll be back for more. A few weeks later, I was able to become a proper output when I returned to Bulwell for my third and completely different volunteering stint which will be the subject of my next outing here.

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