Why I Resigned From Sherwood Chapter Committee – The Sequel

Update: 3rd June 2009

I have removed the password protection from the original post.


On the 9th December, I wrote a post for this blog that set out my side of the reasons why I had resigned from the committee of the Sherwood Chapter of the Harley Owners Group.

It took almost two weeks for confirmation to come through to me that it was seen by, and had made an impression on, the people concerned. Indeed, the blog stats over the past few days have been amazing as the word has spread.  This confirmation came when I was contacted by phone by the chapter director, and as a direct result I removed this post from public view by password protecting it.

On 8th February 2009 I had an email from the chapter director asking me to clarify his request to me and to edit this post. I believe that I can best do this by posting an extract from his email to me.

Ref: Blog, Why I Resigned from Sherwood Chapter—

You have actually worded my request very wrong indeed.
I actually requested that you remove your Blog, I also said that I cannot make you remove it.
I did not say or ask that you protected it via a password, so would you be so kind to change the wording as of the directors request. 
However, I will not delete this, or any other post from this blog. This is a personal blog and I have had a page online since April 2008 that includes this sentence. 
This is a personal weblog that contains personal opinions about various people, organisations, situations and things. The views and opinions expressed are all my own.
I stand by every word that I wrote about my reasons for resigning from Sherwood Chapter.  I password protected this post so that it is no longer readily visible to anyone who looks at it because I was satisfied that the message had reached the people that I wanted to reach. It seems that, two months on, it is still getting to those people.  However, I am not even slightly ashamed of what I wrote and I am quite willing to continue give the password to anyone who asks me for it, as I have already done.
As I am no longer an officer or a member of Sherwood Chapter, and as they cancelled their booking for me to provide the disco for their recent post-Christmas party (and I doubt that they will ever book me again in the future), I have no incentive, other than the respect I have for the present director of the chapter and for the vast majority of its members to comply with any of these requests.
However, my grievance has never been with the chapter itself, but with a few individuals who now know how I feel.

Ride Safe


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