Railway Walks Coming On DVD

The popular BBC TV series that has attracted a lot of interest from walkers, railway enthusiasts and fans of its presenter, Julia Bradbury, will be released on DVD on 12th January 2009.

Full details and an opportunity to pre-order the DVD from Amazon.  It will cost you £10.98 (as I write this)

However, if you can’t wait until  12th January, Striding Edge has it available now for £16.99

Ride Safe


2 thoughts on “Railway Walks Coming On DVD

  1. Carole Heath

    I really like Julia Bradbury’s programmes Railway walks, and the Wainright walks they are so informative and Julia takes you to such lovely places on her walks, as a members of the Ramblers association and a lover of the great outdoors and beautiful countryside her programmes are right up my street so to speak. I remember the programmes with Alfred Wainright years ago, and I think he would be very pleased with Julia’s programmes on his famous walks. She has a good way of explaining the area and background and it’s history, well done Julia Great stuff.

    Carole Heath
    Wallington Surrey.


    1. Chuffing Hog Post author

      Yes Carole, I also really like Julia’s style of presentation, the people that she talks with on her walks and above al, the stunning countryside that she shares with us in the Railway Walks series. There are still plently of closed railways that could be explored in a future series, so I remain optimistic that we may not have seen tha last of this great, but for me as a railway anorak, sad concept.
      Ride Safe



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