It’s Not A Cold – I’m A Man

New Year’s day saw a dreadful pestilence sweep through Chuffing Hog’s pain-racked body, with a simultaneously blocked and runny nose, multiple sneezes and a hacking cough.

I was ill.

Very ill.

So ill that I spent two full days in bed; mostly asleep; whilst being careful not to actually miss a meal. This was a potential disaster in the making because I could only spare five days to be ill before starting my new job.

In the end I dragged myself from my sick bed by the sheer force of willpower, the power of paracetamol and lots of TLC from a very long suffering Sue. 

I write this at the end of my first week in my new job where I have been very warmly welcomed by everyone and I am really enjoying myself.

Now all I need to do is shake off this infernal cough, get my nose unblocked and get a full night’s sleep. I can present a first-hand report that there is nothing worth watching on TV at 4:00 am.

This is why I have been missing from the blogosphere for the past week. I will attempt to resume normal service.

Ride Safe


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