New Year New Job

Well, I’ve done it! I started my new job two weeks ago as manager of the Volunteer Centre South Derbyshire, based in Swadlincote.

After 25 years working in Nottingham CVS, it is very strange being the new boy, but I have been welcomed by all my colleagues in the organisation and by people from partner organisations and the few community groups that I have met so far.

As I expected, the rural area that is South Derbyshire is very different to the compact urban environment of Nottingham. I have yet to get out to to the villages beyond Swadlincote, but this is something that I really want to do soon.

In my first fortnight, in addition to my induction, we have also completed an office move for the Volunteer Centre team. We have been given a small building in the grounds of South Derbyshire CVS as our Volunteer Centre which has been refurbished for us with office space for the three staff members and a small interview room where we will be able to meet with our prospective volunteers.

I already have lots of ideas for ways to improve our service, but I am really keen to find out what works well and to build on it because I see no point in making change for its own sake. I also have to get to grips with my new relationship between the countywide Volunteer Centres Network in Derbyshire.

Over the coming weeks and months, I will keep you posted about how things are going, although it is very likely that there will soon be a new blog for Volunteer Centre South Derbyshire.

Ride Safe


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