Daily Archives: March 4, 2009

Cat Returns

At 10:30 last night, the phone rang and one of the coven of mad cat women was on the other end to tell the resident coven member (Sue) of a sighting of the errant cat, Charley.

Sue set off down the road armed only with a towel and returned a few minutes later triumphantly carrying Charley.

He wasn’t happy. The usual bout of hissing and expressions of his discontent then ensued, broken only by the chomp of a hungry cat getting stuck into a plate of food.

“We” have now decided to keep him in for two weeks. I’ll let you know how long “we” last in “our” resolve.

Tonight we arrived home late after a meeting and were fairly roundly ignored by Charley ( as well as by Misty.) However, a little later, I was honoured by a visit from Charley to my settee WHILE I WAS STILL SITTING ON IT! He jumped onto my knee and made it clear that my bag, coat and other bits and pieces had to be moved. He then curled up at the side of me and went to sleep. I carried on with what I was doing (which involved a mug of tea and Virgin Media cable television) when I was graced by Charley climbing all over me and licking my jumper.

No, I didn’t understand this one either, but I have put it out to be washed as it probably has lots of great tasting food all down it.

For the next half hour or so, Sue and I sat together with Charley on our knees being petted, stroked, his ears rubbed (all blokes like this, it seems) and, for the first time since he joined us, he actually purred.

“We” decided that this must be a major breakthrough in his relationship with us and that he has decided he likes us. I just think he is trying to be cute and lovely so that we’ll release him from captivity.

Ride Safe