An Easter Family Visit – Part 1

I trust that Easter has left you replete with chocolate and suitably refreshed to face the post-holiday period. It has been a time of frenetic activity in the Chuffing Hog household, both in the run-up to the holiday and especially during the holiday period itself.

This is because we have been playing host to some of the Danish branch of our family. Our beautiful niece Cecilia and her equally beautiful mum, Maria came over to spend the weekend with us.

Cecilie, Chuffing Hog, Sue and Maria

Left To Right - Cecilie, Chuffing Hog, Sue and Maria

This entailed a certain amount of planning and a great deal of tidying up before they arrived – tasks that were barely completed with varying degrees of success. Certainly the proliferation of piles of paper and other things around the house have mostly been put away and most of the archaeological layers of junk around my so-called office have been excavated. We even replaced some of our ancient furniture, as I recounted on this blog when I made my medical breakthrough and discovered the condition called Screwdriver Hand.

Maria is a successful designer of what I am informed is Outerwear. I still call them coats and jackets, but hey, I’m a bloke.  Her label is called Mu-Ka and her stunning clothing can be seen at  You will also see from her contacts page that she doesn’t (yet) have UK distribution.

She had spent the past week or so out in the Far East, where her outerwear is manufactured, and had only arrived back the day before she came to stay with us. However, as I will explain, we did little to make her visit relaxing, because we had a great deal of activity to pack into a short time.

The visit really started on Thursday when Maria and Cecilia arrived at Stansted Airport. Sue had told them that she would be meeting them because it was planned that I would be at work. However, I was able to get the time off to go with Sue to meet them. I am really glad that I did as we were able to spend that time together.

Our drive back to Nottingham was uneventful and we arrived home safely and installed our visitors in the one and only fully equipped bedroom. Sue and I had it all worked out. We had a huge fluffy duvet and the inflatable mattress that we use for camping. Predictably enough, Maria and Cecilia both retired fairly early and Sue and I pottered about for a while before deciding to settle down for the night.

This is when we realised that although I had retrieved the mattress and the pump from the loft, I had overlooked the stopper that keeps the air inside the mattress. As our guests were already sound asleep, I decided that I couldn’t start scrabbling about in loft above their bed.

This left us with a problem.

Whilst I don’t mind sleeping on the floor, Sue doesn’t do floors. This was, I had hoped, solved when I took the sun lounger from under the stairs and set it up for Sue to sleep on. With the solution to one problem came another one. We only had one duvet – and Sue was having this.

Fortunately, our corner shop is a large Tesco Extra. So Sue trotted off down the road and returned with another, slightly less fluffy, but perfectly serviceable duvet.

With the sleeping arrangements supposedly sorted out, we retired for the night.

When I woke up – ridiculously early – at about 6 am, Sue was missing. The sunbed was there, but Sue and the big fluffy duvet had, it seems, been abducted by aliens.

Eventually, I wandered downstairs to see whether there were flying saucers on the lawn, to discover Sue asleep in the middle of the front room floor on the settee cushions. It is a matter of considerable regret that I didn’t have the presence of mind and naked courage to capture a photograph of this hilarious sight.

I tiptoed around for quite a while until she eventually woke her up, claiming that I had disturbed her sleep with my snoring. Although I find this hard to believe, it is no more than justice for the many nights that I have been kept awake by stentorian rumbles from Sue’s side of the bed.

Part 2 of this epic will pick up with Good Friday’s family get-together.

Ride Safe


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