An Easter Family Visit – Part 2


So, we’re up to Friday. If you are starting this adventure here, you might like to read Part 1 first.

I’m not sure whether my memory is failing or I just need to block out the thoughts of Sue asleep on the front room floor on top of a pile of cushions, but I can’t remember exactly how we spent Friday morning.

I remember driving over to Arnold to collect Sue’s mum, Mercy, who was an almost permanent fixture in our front room for the whole of Maria and Cecilie’s visit. I also went to Long Eaton to fetch my mum – so that probably accounts for most of the morning.

Sue's Mum, Mercy with Cecilie and Maria

Sue's Mum, Mercy with Cecilie and Maria

By the time we got back, the house was filling up with Sue’s sisters and their families. By the time we were all assembled, sister Beverley, with husband Phil and sons Jamie and Tom were joined by Lesley, daughters Lauren and Sophie and small son Jack. It only need the addition of my mum and our good friend and neighbour, Tony, and the party was complete.

We got this lot into our house - and fed them all. Thank heaven for the dishwasher!

We got this lot into our house - and fed them all. Thank heaven for the dishwasher!

Cecilie, in particular was really excited to meet all her English cousins and aunts and uncles. back home, she doesn’t have a big extended family network, so it was great to be part of this all too rare family reunion.

The afternoon soon passed with great conversation and fair amount of Easter Egg giving and receiving and by the time the last of the family had left, both of our guests were tired out.

However, before we allowed them to go off to bed, I made sure that I  had been into the loft and retrieved the missing stopper for the air bed.

I am delighted to report that Sue and my remaining nights of camping out passed uneventfully, with no more of Sue’s adventures with settee cushions.

In Part 3, I’ll try to cover Saturday’s activities, although I managed to escape from some of them because I had to work on Saturday night, so missed some of the day’s fun.

Ride Safe


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