An Easter Family Visit – Part 3

It’s already a week since the events that I am recording in this series of blog posts and, at last we reach Saturday’s adventures of our Danish family’s visit. If you’ve just stumbled across this, you are perfectly welcome to read this post first, but I suggest that the best place to start this adventure is at the beginning.

Saturday morning dawned just as grey and overcast as the previous couple of days had done, but Sue was determined that she was going to Wollaton Park,where there was a Mind, Body and Spirit show over the Easter Weekend. Originally, I had planned to go along with Sue, Maria, Cecilia and Sue’s mum and Sue had arranged to meet a friend and fellow hippie, Maggie. In the end, I decided not to go and to stay at home and sort out the music for that evening’s disco for a wedding at Lakeside.

A good morning’s peace and quiet was just what I needed to get the music sorted out and be ready for the evening’s work. However, I was very pleased when Sue phoned to say that they were on their way to Maggie’s house where tea and cake were waiting for us. I hopped on the Harley and rode across Nottingham to join them.

Sarah, Maggie, Maria and Cecilia at Maggie's house

Sarah, Maggie, Maria and Cecilie at Maggie's house

Maggie’s very talented daughter, Sarah, entertained us with some great guitar playing, including a great version of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”.  

 Maggie had made some fantastic homemade cakes and biscuits and I, of course, contrived to sample as many of them as I could without allowing the “hog” part of my on-line identity to cross too far into into real life.

With the cakes consumed and the music appreciated, it was time to head back home where both Maria and Cecilia had their first look at the Heritage Softail. Although it really could have done with a clean (and, a week later, certainly needs one now) they were both impressed with it size and the amount of Harley-Davidson chrome that it carries. Both of the women sat aboard it, although by the time Sue had rushed off to get the camera, Maria had become a little camera shy and only this picture of a grinning biker-babe Cecilie was captured for posterity.

Biker Babe Cecilie aboard the Heritage Softail. (That is Chuffing Hog's arm hanging on the bike!)

Biker Babe Cecilie aboard the Heritage Softail. (That is Chuffing Hog's arm hanging on the bike!)

Wow, she certainly looks the part!

There’s no doubt that Cecilie enjoyed her moment on the Harley, even though it was on its stand on our drive with me fussing over it (and her) safety. But things got better – much better – on the Sunday ( and in Part 4 of this epic)

Ride Safe


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