Bronze or Lace – 8th Wedding Anniversary

In true Chuffing Hog family style, we eventually got the right day for this momentous occasion. We both thought that our anniversary was on Tuesday (yesterday) until my mum reminded us that it was Wednesday 6th May – and she hadn’t even come to the wedding itself due to some family difficulties which are now, 8 years on – pretty well resolved.

According to, traditional 8th wedding anniversary gifts are made of Bronze or Pottery and a Modern Eighth wedding anniversary symbol is Lace or Linen.  The flowers associated with the 8th anniversary are Clematis and the Gemstone list shows Aventurine and Multi-coloured Tourmaline associated with the 8th Wedding Anniversary.

However, we didn’t scour the land for suitable romatic gifts. We went to our local Tesco store together and each hid down the next aisle while the other selected a suitable card from the not inconsiderable selection of anniversary cards on display.

We went through separate checkouts so that the other wouldn’t see the cards that had bought and the secret remained safe until the great moment of opening this morning.

Here are our cards. 

Our 8th Wedding Anniversary Cards

Our 8th Wedding Anniversary Cards

Well in the Book of Proverbs it says that “Great minds think alike”, although I prefer Derek Weild‘s quote, “Great minds don’t think alike, for that is why they are great”.

The smaller, third card is the beautiful one made for us by my mum, who is clearly far more creative than Sue or I.

This evening, Sue’s mum treated us to a meal at the Priory in Beeston to round off a good day.

Oh well, it’s now ten days to Sue’s birthday. Let’s hope I can find a card that no-one else buys her. Perhaps one that includes the word “wife” should ensure my unique place in this household.

Even then, you can never be quite sure because the priority list here is still:

  1. Black Fluffy Cat
  2. Ginger Cat
  3. Black and White Part-Time Cat
  4. Food
  5. Sleep
  6. Sue’s Mum (although this is due to her failing health, rather than any desire of Sue’s to be a “mummy’s girl”)
  7. Me

Not that I’m complaining. We used to have three cats of our own and that would have put me in 8th place.

Ride Safe


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