I’ve Done Something Good

Perhaps I should apologise for having shared this news with my Facebook friends before telling you, dear blog reader, about this.

I hinted in my post last week about our wedding anniversary, that I needed to pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat for Sue’s birthday. Well, I think I may be about to succeed.

I must confess that I still haven’t bought the card yet, but I wish I’d got a picture of Sue’s face on Saturday evening when I told her that I’d booked the weekend away at Thoresby Hall Hotel. Her reaction went beyond speechless, through stunned and right into dazed. When she went off to Tesco to buy a celebratory bottle of wine, she phoned a friend and babbled incoherently.

Now, some two days later, she’s just told me that she’s still excited about going. This is a little unusual for the woman who takes everything in her stride and who can sometimes comes over as a bit grumpy and miserable. (At least that’s what Tony at Lakeside always says.)

Sue has wanted to go to Thoresby Hall for ages and has always been really interested to hear about friends’ experiences when they’ve been there. From her tales, I feel that I already know the Blue Room Restaurant, the courtyard and the health spa, but the nearest I have ever been to the place is passing it on the A614.

Thoresby Hall is one of the chain of Warner Leisure hotels for adults only. It has a Spa, the fabulous surroundings of a stately home and great food.

It feels a bit strange writing a review before we’ve been to the place, but, rest assured, I’ll be back next week with the full details – including my own impressions of a Spa Experience, for I went slightly mad and booked myself for this as well as Sue.

An indication of a possible reason for all this excitement, and yes, I include myself in this, is this picture of the place.

Thoresby Hall
Thoresby Hall

Click on the picture to see more about the place and to understand more about why Sue is so up for this.

I have a good feeling that this is going to be a very Happy Birthday for my beloved.
… and no, it’s not a birthday with a zero on the end and I won’t spill the beans about exactly which birthday it is.
We won’t be going on the bike either.
Ride Safe

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