LJ Reynolds & Chocolate Syrup – The Penguin Breakdown

This is probably my all-time favourite instrumental from the 1970s and I have just found it on You Tube.

I have a copy of this on the original Avco vinyl 45 rpm single, I have been looking for this track on CD for years.

One day, maybe, it’ll turn up, but in the meantime, I’ll share this with you.

LJ Reynolds has been recording since the early ’60s, with releases on Tri-Spin as Larry “Chubby” Reynolds. He moved to the Mainstream label in 1969, then became lead vocalist for The Relations in 1970. During that decade he released several singles for small independent labels and “Let One Hurt Do” on Law-ton made the US R&B Top 30  in 1971.  This particular instrumental was actually an instrumental flip side, although I can’t find the US Lawton original to check out what it was the flip of.

LJ joined The Dramatics in 1973, remaining with them until 1980. He then moved to Capitol as a solo artist and his LPs were critically well received, but never sold very well. Only the song “Touch Down” among his many Capitol releases ever reached the R&B Top 30. He rejoined The Dramatics in 1986 at which point I lost the trail.

If you know more about LJ’s career, please leave a comment because I’d love to follow this up.

Ride Safe,


3 thoughts on “LJ Reynolds & Chocolate Syrup – The Penguin Breakdown

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  2. guy


    i have this track on cd: dj’s collection old time
    published by paradisio, code PA 25366
    bar code 5 410504 253669

    hope this helps

    i am looking for the release date of this song. if you can help me …





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