Thoresby Hall Weekend – Part 4

This will, I hope be the final episode in this tale. A tale that Sue is very keen to repeat as soon as possible and one that I finish in the certainty that we would both be very good at being extremely rich.

However since we both work in voluntary sector, we both know that being extremely rich will remain some way off for the time being.

But I’m jumping ahead again. The story isn’t quite finished yet.

Saturday evening saw us dining in the Blue Room at Thoresby Hall. This a la carte restaurant is marketed as the pinnacle of the Thoresby Hall experience and I can assure you that it lives up the marketing. The surroundings are pure Victorian splendour.

Blue Room Restaurant at Thoresby Hall. This picture was not taken by us, but comes from

Blue Room Restaurant at Thoresby Hall.

This picture was not taken by us, but comes from here. In fact, we didn’t take any photograhs of the interior of the hotel, so maybe Sue is right – we do need to go back.

Perhaps the uninterrupted luxury of the weekend had made me a little blase by the time it came to dinner, but I wasn’t as impressed with the food as I had been the previous evening. It seemed to be lacking a little of the “wow factor” that I had felt before.

Don’t get me wrong, the meal was fantastic, from the immaculately presented starter to my perfectly cooked beef and on to a fantastic dessert, the meal was amazing. The wine was another really good one, chosen by me almost at random from their large wine list. The service was professional and unobtrusive, although they were a little slow getting the dessert menus to us after our main course had been cleared away. We even ended the meal with coffee and, in my case brandy and in Sue’s case the coffee liqueur, Baileys.

We decided not to repeat the previous evenings visit to the Late Lounge and the entertainment, but briefly enjoyed the big band swing sounds that were coming out of the entertainment room as we headed back to the room.

Although Sunday was our last day and we had to be out of the room by 10:00am, it was no anti-climax to the weekend. We had decided that we would stay in the hotel and go home later in the day, so it was off to the Pierrepont Restaurant for another excellent breakfast. Afterwards, we checked out of the hotel and loaded our bags and coats into the car before plunging back into the building and settling down with our books. Where else could this have been but in the Library.

Thoresby Hall Library

Thoresby Hall Library

This image is from here

In fact, this is almost exactly the view of the library from the chair that I occupied for the rest of Sunday morning.

While we were sitting there, the Thoresby Players, the hotel’s resident actors, arrived an performed a short play about one of the estate’s former the gamekeepers right in front of us in the library. This would have been a great ending to our weekend, but an hour or so later, they returned and performed a different playlet that told the story of the magnificently carved oak plaque above the library fireplace.

I will not recount either story here, but would encourage you to go and see and hear them for yourself.

With a great finale to our weekend, we went back to the Pavilion Bar where we indulged ourselves in lunch, I had a cheese melt hot baguette and Sue enjoyed a jacket potato with prawns. After this, it really was time for us to take our leave of Thoresby Hall.

The journey back to Nottingham took just over half and hour, but brought us a couple of centuries forward into the world that we really inhabit.

Yes, it was a great weekend and this concludes the story. However, there is one more Thoresby post to come on this blog with what I think is the best photo of Sue that I have ever taken. See you tomorrow.

Ride Safe


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