International Volunteer Managers’ Day

International Volunteer Managers' Day Logo

International Volunteer Managers' Day Logo

I love my job. Although I work in the volunteering field, I’m just a paid worker working behind the scenes to support the people who really stand up to be counted, volunteers.

My job is really about supporting the people who manage volunteers and one of the things that I constantly go on about is recognising and give real appreciation to the contribution that volunteers make to organisations, the people that they support and to the whole of society. Things like Volunteers Week and Make A Difference Day, the AGM and other events, regular newsletters and simply saying “thank you” are all ways that we try to do this.

But for one day each year, I am proud to support a growing international movement to recognise the importance of the people who manage, coordinate and support the volunteers at the sharp end.

Although International Volunteer Managers’ Day has been around for a while, it’s still not very well known here in the UK.  Maybe blog posts like this can help to raise the profile of volunteer managers and, who knows, get us recognised more widely for our part in the vital work done by the worldwide army of volunteers.

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