Remember Remember

…the fifth of November
Gunpower treason and plot

Just listen to the silence. It’s over for another year, although this year seems to have been marked by far fewer huge explsions.

Over the past few years, the weeks leading up to the 5th November have been marked by evening after evening of loud bangs as fireworks were being let off all around our neighbourhood. I would guess that a similar nightmare has been endured by people all over the UK.

For the benefit of any non-UK readers of this, the story of Guy Fawkes can be found here.

I’m not sure why we even celebrate an assasination attempt on the monarch and parliament, although I have some sympathy with the view that Guy Fawkes may have been the last person to enter Parliament with a completely clear motivation.

Anyway, this year the build-up to the day was far quieter than usual, with a few bangs and flashes overa couple evenings earlier this week, but very little in the preceding weeks. Perhaps the publicity campaigns are getting through? Maybe a clampdown on sales of fireworks could be helping? However, I suspect that the underlying reason for our cats not having been on edge, the neighbours’ baby having slept (well, a little) and us not feeling like surviors of a minor war could be the recession. After all, who can afford to send lots of money up in smoke these days?

Ride Safe


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