HbA1C, No Biscuit Month and Muffins

Last week I went for my annual diabetes check up. I have Type 2 Diabetes. I was chuffed to bits to get some good news this time around. My HbA1C blood measurement was the lowest since they started monitoring me.

HbA1C is a test on blood that somehow shows the long-term level of sugar in the blood over, I believe, three months or so.

I’m sure that a significant contribution to this great result was my exercise of almost superhuman willpower at work where I told everyone that October was to be “No Biscuit Month”. I did pretty well, with a lot of help from my colleagues, who kept temptation away from me as much as possible. I have to confess that I did lapse once or twice, but I consumed far less sugar at work than I had for a very long time.  I have even managed to be included in the birthday cake runs at work without succumbing to the lure of a doughnut. I have been asking for one of Gregg’s delicious hot  sausage rolls.

However, I haven’t been so good in the first week of November, having been to several events where biscuits and sweets were freely available. Added to that, on a couple of occasions, Sue has cooked a batch of gorgeous muffins. Today’s were banana muffins and so far I have had three.

I hereby resolve, in public and in print, to continue No Biscuit Month through the rest of November and along the way, to also avoid other sugary nibbles at work. However, I make no such pledge as far as Sue’s muffins are concerned.

And I have no idea how to cope with the potential myriad temptations of Christmas.

Ride Safe


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