A Week of Significant Dates

This week sees (for me) three very significant dates. Two of them are now part of the historical context of our modern world; the fall of the Berlin Wall 20 years ago yesterday and tomorrow’s anniversary of the end of First World War. The other is a more personal anniversary, that of the birth of my second son.

Amid the celebration of yesterday’s big event in Berlin and tomorrow’s far more sombre act of remembrance (which I hope you will observe with me at 11:00am tomorrow), I hope that anyone with anything to celebrate today has a wonderful day.

Then I got thinking about other significant weeks across the year, after all there are 51 more of them to go at. Immediately, I picked out two more. There’s a week towards the end of August when we in UK celebrate our Late Summer Bank Holiday. around the same time, there are two more birthdays in our family – my eldest son’s and mine on consecutive days. Then the first week of June is another, in which my twin brothers were born and a couple of days later was my dad’s birthday. In fact the week after that saw my mum and dad’s wedding anniversary. This is also Volunteers Week.

Talking of which, it’s not quite a single week, but early to mid May sees a very important birthday – Sue’s which is just preceded by our wedding anniversary.

My youngest son’s birthday is close to that of youngest brother in January.

In fact, as I unpick the year, there are very few weeks when I don’t have something to celebrate. No wonder I used to eat too many cakes and biscuits! However, I am now a reformed character, having had a jacket spud followed by an apple for lunch today (because there aren’t any biscuits in the house).

…and by the way, were you wondering what G represents in yesterday’s post?  Grandchildren.

Ride Safe


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