Managerial Trousers

My wife is a genius.

Countless books have been written about management, the internet is heaving with websites offering advice about management, there are training courses, consultants and untold other resources that are designed to turn people who are good at doing a job into managers of other people, whether they be staff or volunteers. Indeed, I often describe my own job as “supporting volunteer managers”.

Yes, in a single incisive phrase the other morning, Sue cut through all the theory by identifying the secret at the heart of management.

Managerial Trousers.

I was getting ready to set off to work, where I have been a manager since the start of this year. I was startled to hear a plaintive cry from Sue, “You can’t wear those  trousers, you need to wear Managerial Trousers.”  I was slightly bemused because this was an aspect of management that had never crossed my consciousness before that moment. I asked her to elaborate and was quickly guided to a pair of Managerial Trousers that were hanging in my wardrobe.

I am still not completely clear what it is that makes trousers managerial, and how they work remains shrouded in mystery. However, I am prepared to accept that this ground-breaking insight just make all the difference to the way I manage staff and volunteers. It’s early days, but I am starting to believe in the power of my Managerial Trousers.

I am a little worried that all these gains may slip back next week when the Managerial Trousers are put into the washing basket. We need to know whether Persil capsules have any effect on the managerial qualities that are impregnated into the very fabric of these trousers? Will the tumble drier damage the supervision skills in the pockets?

Can you spot which are the Managerial Trousers?

Are these Managerial Trousers?

Are these Managerial Trousers?

Or are these Managerial Trousers?

Or are these Managerial Trousers?

Ride Safe


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