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January Top and Tail

I’ve just realised that my last post here was on 1st January and this, my second post of the month has only just crept into the 31st.

In many respects, January hasn’t been a great month. At the start of the month, we had the big freeze and I bumped the car on an icy hill. This left us without transport for two weeks while it was being mended. A real positive from this was that we saved a fortune in diesel.

During this time, I had to work from home, with just a couple of trips to work using buses and trains and, thanks to wonderful work colleagues, lifts from and back to the station at the far end.

This month, Sue has stopped working at a place that should have been a great job, but her colleagues made it a complete nightmare. I admire her persistence in sticking it out for well over six months, but she has done the right thing in getting out.

This has left us with a few financial “issues”, but again, there is a positive to this because I have taken an active interest in our budget, rather than my earlier ostrich-like approach to money.

Unfortunately, the Harley-Davidson will have to be sold, but since we have hardly used it since our great fall-out with Sherwood Chapter of the Harley Owners Group, even this is feeling bearable. In any case, the Yamaha bike is staying because I will use it for commuting to work once the danger of ice on the roads has passed. That will also save a fortune in fuel over using the car.

Right at the end of the month, Sue’s mum was admitted to hospital with a chest infection. She has been getting some support to live independently for a while now, but it looks like this latest episode may have brought things to a head and that support looks likely to increase significantly in the very near future.

Looking back, it has been a month of mixed fortunes, but looking ahead, things are looking bright. Sue has put in application for a job that should suit her far better than the one she has just left. The interview is next Friday and I am very positive about her prospects for this one.

So as I look ahead to February and the rest of 2010, I feel very positive that, although not everything will be 100% smooth, it will be all right.

Ride Safe


Predictions for a New Decade?

So here we are at the start of a new decade. As I wander around the blogosphere, I see a lot of very profound posts that look back at the “noughties” and look ahead to the “teenies”. However, I have no deep insights to share with you, nor will I pontificate about the meaning of the passage of time. (Although I have noticed that I have more white hair and less of it in total.)

My own most significant moment of the last decade was my wedding to Sue, with my very positive change of a very long-term job as the second.

I predict that we will all be hit by rising prices and that most of us will have to engage in some belt-tightening in the next few years. Indeed, this is already happening for Sue and I. However, I have no real idea what the next year will bring and I would be foolish indeed to try to see ten years ahead.

My big negative of the last decade was the excessive hype about the so-called  “Millenium Bug” that was going to bring computing to an end exactly ten years ago today. As I type this into a better and faster computer than I used a decade ago, I think I can stop worrying now.

However, I regret that a decade later, Global Warming is getting just as much hype as the Y2K bug ever did. I fear that this may prove to have rather more impact on us than the Y2k “bug”, but I can’t really blame anyone who draws parallels between the two doomsday scenarios ten years apart.

I can only express my wish that 2010 will see the Chuffing Hog family grow in happiness and prosperity and that I share this wish for you and yours.

Ride Safe