Predictions for a New Decade?

So here we are at the start of a new decade. As I wander around the blogosphere, I see a lot of very profound posts that look back at the “noughties” and look ahead to the “teenies”. However, I have no deep insights to share with you, nor will I pontificate about the meaning of the passage of time. (Although I have noticed that I have more white hair and less of it in total.)

My own most significant moment of the last decade was my wedding to Sue, with my very positive change of a very long-term job as the second.

I predict that we will all be hit by rising prices and that most of us will have to engage in some belt-tightening in the next few years. Indeed, this is already happening for Sue and I. However, I have no real idea what the next year will bring and I would be foolish indeed to try to see ten years ahead.

My big negative of the last decade was the excessive hype about the so-called  “Millenium Bug” that was going to bring computing to an end exactly ten years ago today. As I type this into a better and faster computer than I used a decade ago, I think I can stop worrying now.

However, I regret that a decade later, Global Warming is getting just as much hype as the Y2K bug ever did. I fear that this may prove to have rather more impact on us than the Y2k “bug”, but I can’t really blame anyone who draws parallels between the two doomsday scenarios ten years apart.

I can only express my wish that 2010 will see the Chuffing Hog family grow in happiness and prosperity and that I share this wish for you and yours.

Ride Safe


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