Daily Archives: February 6, 2010

Advertising on BBC Television News

Am I alone in noticing that BBC News is running more and more stories that feature the achievements of commercial organisations?

I’m not talking about the business news which reports sales increases, share price rises or profits and losses for the last quarter, although I bet that the supermarkets and other companies mentioned don’t object to exposure in peak time. No, it’s the blatant plugs for companies and products that have become a regular feature of BBC television news, and in particular, of BBC East Midlands, our local region.

However, national news doesn’t escape.

I would love to be able to write a letter like this:

Dear editor of BBC News,

I have just invented a device that reads digital files. I know that the BBC does not accept paid-for advertising, so please will you give me the same level of free uncritical coverage on all your TV and radio channels that you have given to Apple over the past week or so since the launch of their i-pad.

I feel sure that I would be ignored, but then, so will this blog post be ignored.