Ash Wednesday – and one day of success

One day into my “giving up” for Lent and I’m feeling pretty good. Despite the temptation of spending a whole day in the same room as a plate of biscuits, I’m proud to say that I didn’t weaken.

I described yesterday how I have promised myself that I will not eat biscuits, sweets, cake or chocolate for the whole of Lent. 

It didn’t start very well because our work team spent the day out of the office reviewing the past year and planning for the coming one. We had booked tea and coffee at the venue and we were disconcerted when a plate of biscuits arrived at the same time.

There were five of us in the session and only one of us (Teresa, you know who it was) peeled back the cling film and tucked in to the biscuits with the spurious justification that she was hungry.

Since roast beef dinners are not on my list, I was able to substitute a Foxes chocolate biscuit for dinner in the cafe. I would also point out that we did not go for the wonderful-looking puddings either.

It may have been Teresa who ate the biscuits, but it was another member of the team, Ann, who took the uneaten ones home with her at the end of the day.

One interesting suggestion that we will have to consider for the remainder of Lent is treating biscuit eaters in the same way as we treat smokers. “If you want one of THOSE things, go outside”.

Ride Safe


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