Day 4 – The Weekend Starts Here

As I said yesterday, maintaining my resolve not to eat cake, biscuits, sweets or chocolate is very easy when I spend the entire day at home. We don’t have any of the offending items here.

I did have my self-promised cheese on toast for breakfast, and very lovely it was as well. Other than that, the culinary high spot of my day (if it can ever be described as such) was the KFC that Sue brought home this evening. I’m not sure whether it would even be called Healthy Eating, but it was lovely.

Tomorrow, I have been threatened promised that we are going out, so I live in hope that there may be some temptation to be resisted.

Ride safe


3 thoughts on “Day 4 – The Weekend Starts Here

  1. Chris

    Hello Boss
    I have a confession…….I couldn’t resist Taste The Difference Chunky Chocolate Cookies that are on offer in Sainsburys at the moment. So now off to the gym to attempt to burn the calories off!!! See you tomorrow


    1. Chuffing Hog Post author

      Now that makes me even more smug than ever.

      As I’m about to post in my update, Saturday and Sunday went really well. I haven’t even missed eating goodies. I just hope that tomorrow at work goes as well.


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