Day 5 – No Biscuits – Easy, Life – Very Difficult

One by one, I expect some of my colleagues to fall off the wagon.  I know that others won’t.  However, as you’ll see from the comments on yesterday’s post, Chris has already fallen by the wayside. But one slip isn’t the end of the world. After I’ve taken the mickey tomorrow at work, I’m sure we’ll be back on track.

I think Sue’s and my weekend has been filled with other things that have been a distraction. In particular, Sue’s mum moved from hospital into residential respite care today. Although I wasn’t there, it is a very stressful time for Sue.

Her mum’s Alzheimer’s seems to be taking away the independent woman who I used to know. It’s heartbreaking to see her frustration coming out as aggression and I was upset to hear that she reduced Sue to tears today. I think she realises somewhere deep down that we are trying to do the best for her, but among her lack of memory and confusion, she often loses sight of this.

 Ride Safe


2 thoughts on “Day 5 – No Biscuits – Easy, Life – Very Difficult

  1. Mandi

    Hi Dave,

    I am still very much on the wagon and have no intention of falling off. I hate to make this harder for you, but we started on Wednesday, so Sunday is only Day 5……..


    1. Chuffing Hog Post author

      I have complete confidence that Amanda and I may very well be the only ones to complete this self-imposed ordeal.

      Oh dear, maths was never my strongest academic subject, but I would have thought that even I count up to five. I have revisted the posts and realised that I went straight from Day 2 to Day 4. I have corrected this and I will now go on to write up Day 6.



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