Day 15 – I’m Still Waiting

… to quote the immortal words of Deke Richards, who wrote and produced the song for Diana Ross on her 1971 album “Everything is Everything”.

We have Tony Blackburn to thank for this ever being a UK single as he played it to death on Radio One and effectively forced EMI to release it on Tamla Motown, when it promptly went to number 1 for 4 weeks in August 1971.

Meanwhile, to get back to the point. This afternoon was one of the dullest I have spent in a while. We did an outreach session from work, but were stuck away out of sight in a small(ish) room.

I waited. And I waited. And I still waited.

No-one came to visit or to find out more about the exciting range of services that we have to offer. (Sorry, I’m getting carried away with what I would have said, had I seen another member of the human race.) 

If I had access to comfort food, I might well have lapsed, but even glossy full colour  leaflets have no discernable nutritional benefit.

While we’re on a musical theme, I should apologise to the people who have let me know that Spirit in the Sky is not a favourite song. I tweeted a link to a version of this song by 60’s pop band Vanity Fare,  However cheesy this version may be, I find it somewhat distatseful to have been reminded of the version of this song by Gareth Gates and the Kumars. Doctor and the Medics, maybe, but for me, there really is only the version by Norman Greenbaum on Reprise from 1969.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ride Safe


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