Daily Archives: March 4, 2010

Day 16 – Barbara Cartland or a Hippy?

This “giving up” lark is turning me into a hippy. Good heavens, I’ll be knitting my own muesli next!

I haven’t been sleeping very well recently. This has very little to do with night-time cravings for chocolate, but with Sue and I going through a stressful time recently for a number of different and unconnected reasons.

So last night, Sue was on the phone chatting to one of her friends who is undoubtedly a hippy.

She is an alternative therapist who has performed her mystic rites of crystal chakra balancing on me and who fairly regularly (like tomorrow) administers reflexology to me. (If I come across like a cynical old so and so about this, nothing could be further from the truth. Some time ago, I recounted my conversion to this whole way of life here on this blog. See Reflexology – Confessions of A Former Sceptic)

Anyway, during Sue’s conversation with Kathy, for that is her name, two remedies for my sleeplessness were recommended.

First, I was to drink Camomile tea for supper. I actually quite like Camomile tea, so had no real problem with this. However, I’m not sure why the tea bag has to be left in while hippy tea of any complexion is drunk, but I’m married, so do as I’m told. It just makes life easier that way.

The other part of the prescription was lavender oil sprinkled on my pillow. I was less keen on this because I had no real wish to smell like a Barbara Cartland heroine.

(Not that I have the remotest idea what a Barbara Cartland heroine smells like, but the power of the stereotype can be very strong).

Anyway, my objections were quickly smothered at birth and my pillow was liberally soaked in the stuff.

I have to reluctantly report that it worked. I had my best night’s sleep in a while.

I’m not sure whether sharing these arcane secrets with you will get me into trouble, but if the next update on here is from a frog, you’ll know that I have incurred the wrath of Sue, Kathy and other members of the coven.

Ride Safe