Daily Archives: March 5, 2010

Day 17 – Chocolate Temptation Resisted

It’s been a busy day. As I recounted yesterday, I went to have my feet fondled by Kathy this morning. Sorry, I went for reflexology this morning. It was a very relaxing experience and I always amazed that Kathy has insights into my physical state (and often to my emotional state as well) simply by identifying the feelings in meridian lines in my feet.

Anyway, we had to go into the centre of our fair city, so we grabbed the opportunity to meet a good friend of both Sue’s and mine, Viv. We went for lunch at May Sum on Parliament Street, Nottingham.

This is an excellent Chinese buffet restaurant, certainly the best of the three that are within a few minutes walk of Nottingham’s Theatre Royal. The starters and main course selections provided no problems for my self-imposed “giving up” list of cakes, sweets, biscuits and chocolate, but when it came to pudding (or dessert, if you have to be posh about it), it was a different matter.

The array of puds seemed to comprise mainly of cake. If I’d been having a weak moment I could, of course, have argued that swiss roll does not have the word “cake” in its title.

However, as I hope you already know, Chuffing Hog is made of sterner stuff.

I went for the chopped up bits of apple. I even avoided the tinned fruit salad because of the sticky syrupy gloop that it was in.

I must confess that I had two (small) dishes of these pieces of apple – with wonderful “Mr Softee” type ice cream on them.

… and the chocolate temptation? All the way through the meal, directly in my line of sight was a wonderful, five storey chocolate fountain. I could easily have done a Dawn French (see the video below), but I just managed to resist.

Ride safe