Day 18 – Black Widow

This title is not designed to terrify you if, like me, you are arachnophobic. It’s actually the model name of a the loudspeaker inside the bass bins of my disco system.

As part of my whole “giving up” thing, I am trying to giving up my irritating habit of leaving everything until the very last minute.

Having said that, one of our bass speakers went ominously quiet towards the end of last year. Although the disco rig hasn’t been used since because all my work since has been resident, a mobile gig is just a couple of weeks away. So, yes, I have been forced into getting it sorted out.

For the non-technical among us, a speaker is a circular metallic object with a cardboard cone that is mounted in a cabinet. Simply getting the speaker out of its cabinet is a major operation involving about twelve very tightly fastened screws.

This reveals the Black Widow in all its glory. Mine was a little disappointing in that it is not black – more a mucky silvery colour.

The next task was finding a replacement. This also was not easy. It has taken quite a lot of searching online to track down the right lump of technology, let alone the right thing at a reasonable price.

Anyway, having started this morning, I located the website of a company in Farnham, Surrey called Stagebeat at about 9pm. They have the right speaker in stock and I could pay by Paypal. 

I have ordered a Peavey Black Widow Speaker Basket 1508-4 SPS BW 15″ 4 OHM 1000W 00560150.

When it arrives, I will have to remove the magnet from the back of the old speaker (so it’s lucky I didn’t throw it away) and bolt it onto the new basket.

I’ll let you know when it gets here and when the rig is back to its normal working order.

Now I suppose I’d better get the lights out sometime soon to check if they’re all working OK. Mind, I could probably put that off for another week or so.

Ride Safe


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