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Day 21 – Talking About The Weather

I spotted a brief news story that really drops into the stereotype of a conversation between two people almost anywhere in Britain. It was about the weather. It’s just that it’s not about British weather this time.

Like most people, I had a bit a moan when we had the UK’s snow and ice at the beginning of the year. In recent days I have welcomed the milder weather and enjoyed the sunshine.

But the news story that I spotted here is about today’s heavy snowfall in Spain.

You won’t need me to remind you that lots of Brits have gone to live in Spain in recent years. Surely their motivation is mainly to enjoy the year-round warm weather? So it brings a wry smile to my lips to see that they are having colder weather than us.

And while I’m on the topic of ex-pats and weather, I was surprised to hear in a separate news story a few days ago that these same Iberian ex-pats are campaigning to make sure that the UK government pays them the same cold weather payments as they pay to pensioners in this country.

When I heard this story, I was incensed at their nerve; asking us to pay for heating for people relaxing in the Spanish sunshine.  I am still amazed that people living outside the UK get any kind of payments from those of us left here, but it seems that this is one of the advantages of th EU.

Advantages for who?

My low-key campaign for a bit of national “giving up” in this area is hereby launched.

I feel fairly strongly British money could be far better spent, but today’s news of ice-bound Southern Europe, from Spain across France and into Italy may have gone a (very) little way to making me feel sorry for these poor frozen ex-pats.

Maybe they’ll also want us to subsidise their air conditioning bills in a few months when their weather gets too hot during next summer while we’re “enjoying” whatever the British weather throws at us.

By the way, it’s been exactly three weeks of no biscuits, sweets, cake or chocolate. Happy anniversary to me (and to my work colleague Amanda (alias Mandi) who, like me, has a will of iron).

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