Daily Archives: March 12, 2010

Day 24 – Viv’s Mum and The Chocolate

I would never have believed that chocolate could actively be seeking me out, but today I think it’s happened.

At lunchtime, Sue went to visit Viv, a friend of ours. I stayed at home to catch up on some work that had to be finished. On her return quite late in the afternoon, I was regaled with tales of our friend’s elderly Caribbean mum and felt more than a little bad that I had not gone along with Sue. It seems that I was expected.

On second thoughts, it was probably a good thing that I didn’t go. I have a feeling that I may have been plied with some of my currently banned substances. Indeed, Sue brought a chocolate back for me in a little plastic bag.

Back home and at a safe distance from this formidable-sounding lady, my resolve to refuse the offending chocolate was rock solid. I’m not sure that it would have been as firm if I had been in the same room with Viv’s mum.

So the chocolate is in the fridge where it is, as far as I am concerned, going to stay until Easter. As Sue rarely eats chocolate, I feel fairly confident that it will still be there. (As long as no-one tells Tony, my neighbour about it).

Perhaps it’s that the chocolate itself is seeking me out, but it’s more likely that there must be something in the genes of friends’ mums that makes them want to feed anyone that visits.

Or in the case of Viv’s mum, wanting to feed someone who should have been there but didn’t turn up.

I’m not sure if I’d love or hate being her postman!

I really hope that we get another invitation to meet Viv’s mum. From Sue’s description, she must be a real live wire. I only hope that the invitation comes AFTER Easter when I can give in to the inevitable.

Mum obviously made a big impression on Sue, and I’ve heard lots about her today, but I must remember to ask Sue ask about Viv.

Ride Safe