Day 25 – And The Living Is Easy

Today I once again refused a biscuit. This one was at The Famous Shoulder, a pub in the Derbyshire countryside somewhere near Tibshelf. It looked like a very nice biscuit that was served with a very nice pot of tea.

I hadn’t gone there for tea and biscuits, though. I had gone to help my friend and neighbour Tony with a recording that he was making of a young singer.

We arrived at the pub in plenty of time and set up the equipment, intending to record straight onto a computer, playing the backing track from a second machine. It all started quite well, but we were located in the pub’s function room, which was to be used for a birthday party a few hours later, so our recording session was punctuated by people coming in and out of the room and by a Karaoke operator turning up to set up the equipment for the party.

Eventually we started, carefully setting the levels of music and voice. Straight away, I was blown away by the singer’s voice.

However, the first few takes went into the computer OK, but on playback, it sounded phased and generally not good. Tony and I changed cables, changed the routing through the mixing desk and generally fiddled about. We made very little difference. The playback still sounded wrong.

I had taken a minidisc recorder along (remember them?) as a last-ditch backup, just in case. I really didn’t want to press it into service, but in order to rescue the session, eventually I did.

Of course, our problems were solved.

We recorded two songs, a stunning version of Leona Lewis’s hit, Run, and the song that took my breath away, Summertime.

We also tried to record Eva Cassidy’s Songbird, but this wasn’t really a success. We also did a run through of Leanne Rimes hit, How Do I Live, but decided that the pitch of our backing track didn’t suit the singer’s voice and dropped this one.

I am going to work on Songbird some more before I decide whether to abandon it, but the two completed songs are well worth the time we all invested.

I have spent a great evening on post-production of both of the finished songs and I will post our recording of “Summertime” here in the next day or so, once my tweaking is complete.

The singer’s name – and I suggest you keep an eye open for her – is Kelly Gibbons. Please come back to listen to her singing.

Given a chance, I would like to record some more with Kelly because I feel that she has a rare talent that could take her a long way on one of those TV talent shows.

Ride Safe


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