Day 27 – Meetings Can Be Bad For You

After a weekend with only the very slightest stirrings of chocolate temptation, Monday morning sees me back at work and out and about at meetings.

I have often said myself that meetings are the alternative to doing any work, but during my self-imposed abstinence, some meetings can be very hard work. Not for the agenda or the intensity of the discussion, but for the half-time coffee break.

Both of today’s meetings were at Arkwright’s Mill in Cromford. I rather envy my colleagues who work in this beautiful area of Derbyshire and really like visiting them.

My first meeting today, however, was the source of double trouble as the mid-morning coffee break saw bowls being produced containing both chocolate and grapes. As if this wasn’t enough, a huge plate a biscuits also appeared – complete with my ultimate biscuit weakness, ginger nuts.

It was only with a superhuman effort that I stuck to grapes.

As one of my colleagues in the meeting said to me, “Easter Sunday’s going to be good!”

Even in the second, smaller meeting, there was one biscuit on a plate on the desk just in front of me, but again, I survived.

Tomorrow, I’m back at base, where there is, of course, another meeting, but with any luck, there won’t be any inappropriate offerings. 

And looking ahead, on Wednesday I’m in Derby at another meeting, with yet another one on Thursday.

Roll on the weekend and some more of Sue’s firm discipline.

Oooo-errr missus!

Ride Safe


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