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Day 29 – Giving Up Geeking?

OK, I’m a bit of a geek, especially at work. I have a work blog as well as this personal one. (That hyperlink is a shallow attempt to increase visits to that blog by tempting you to click onto it. If you are gullible enough to have done this, you will notice that it opened up in a new window. That’s because I am also arrogant enough to believe that what I have to say here is important enough that you will want to quickly and easily come back to this page.

I also have both personal and work Twitter presence, and use Tweetdeck to manage them both at the same time. I have a personal Facebook profile and a Facebook Page  for work . 

Although I have been careful to keep personal and work separate across most of my online life, somehow I have blurred the differences between my personal and work Facebook presence. Perhaps its the way that Facebook works in that you send or receive a “Friend Request” that has to be accepted. Once accepted, it is hard to later “Unfriend” that person without feeling that you could be hurting their feelings.

Or is that just me? After all, two of my three sons “unfriended” me from Facebook. (And yes, I was upset).

Today, I was invited to go to a forum in Derby where a group of volunteer managers had been invited to come along and find out more about using digital media in their work. In less than a couple of hours, I tried to give an overview of some the kinds of things that are online to help them in their work. Then I went on to try to introduce Facebook, Twitter and blogging.

It fairly quickly became clear that some people in the room were probably using social networking as much as me and knew at least as much as I did.

Others had no idea what I was on about.

As a self-confessed geek, I came away worried that I had not very effectively “sold” the potential of social networking. I wonder if I have become too immersed in the online world to fully understand that many people are at the same point that I was only about two and a half years ago when I took my own very delicate first steps into this world where I now feel fully at home.

So today’s “giving up” isn’t going to be my place in this world, but giving up any (unintentional) attitude that everyone else is part of it too.

Biscuit Update for Regular readers

Today there were both biscuits and cake (very nice-looking cake too). I stuck to the sandwiches before polishing off a fruit kebab.

It seems that I also missed a very nice cake back at work today.

Ride Safe