Day 33 – Remember the 60s?

The great quote, “If you can remember the 60s, you weren’t there” has been attributed to a lot of different people, including actor Robin Williams and both Grace Slick and Paul Kanter of Jefferson Airplane.

I was there and I do remember a lot about the 60s; being aged 7 at the dawn of 1960 and 17 at the other end of that decade. In particular, I remember a lot about the music of that decade and play it as much as I can get away with when I get behind the nowadays metaphorical “wheels of steel”.

That’s not to say that I don’t like a lot of music that both pre and post-dates the 60s. In particular, 70s music has lots of resonance from things that I did and people I used to hang around with at that time. 

The early 80s was my student period. New Order’s Blue Monday and Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Pleasuredome album still bring a smile to me face for the times that they evoke rather than for the music itself.

The last 20 years are rather less embedded into my psyche, but as someone who is still making a small part of my living out of playing music, I have a pretty good collection of music from the 90s and 00s as well.

I suppose that when I started DJing (at a school christmas party in 1967), I could never have dreamed that I would still be enjoying seeing a dance floor full of people having a great time some 42 and a bit years later.

So for lots of reasons, I had a great time last night at Lakeside.

The gig was a 60th birthday party and they adopted a 60s theme. So most people were dressed in their interpretation of 1960s clothes and I played 60s music all night.

I’m not sure that I could do 5 hours of 90s music and have as much fun, but I had so much great music to go at that it wasn’t until we got back home that Sue commented that I hadn’t played one Beatles track.

As for those 1960s clothes, it was clear that the nearest that many of the people at the party had ever been to the 1960s was an Austin Powers film. I never wore as much brightly coloured paisley as was on offer, although some of the wigs were suitably long and wild.

It’s perhaps no surprise that one of the standout tracks of the evening was a regular in almost every gig I ever play, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas Tamla Motown classic, Dancing in the Street.  The letdown track was when the floor almost cleared when I played James Brown’s Sex Machine.

Other unusual, but well received songs were The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – Fire, The Archies – Sugar Sugar andPetula Clark – Don’t Sleep In The Subway.

As you can see, Pete Tong has little to fear from the competition posed by DJ Chuffinghog.

Ride Safe


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