Day 44 – Lakeside FM

Last night’s disco at Lakeside was a strange one.

It was a wedding for a couple who, I think, were on their second marriage, so were a little older than most first-times couples. So their friends and families were also a bit older than most wedding parties.

I should have realised at the beginning of the night that it could be a difficult gig when the bride told me that she and her husband had never danced together in the two years that they had been together. I told her not to worry and that I would encourage others to get up and join them during the first dance song.  Anyway, we sorted out what the first dance song was to be and I went back to my DJ lair up in the rafters.

I started the night, as usual, by playing some fairly laid back background music while the guests came upstairs into the room. Almost no-one ever dances from the word “go”, so even though I dropped in songs from the current chart back to the 60s, and pretty well every time period between, I wasn’t too concerned when no-one got up to trip the light fantastic. Even when the laid back bit stretched through to the buffet, I wasn’t that bothered.

Just before the buffet was ready, word came that they would like to do the first dance. I swiftly pulled out the CD with Michael Jackson’s “I can’t stop loving you”, cued up the longish intro and did my normal big build up. As usual, we got the round of applause for the happy couple’s first dance and as the music got under way, the camera flashes signalled that the moment was being captured for posterity.

A minute or so into the song, I invited the rest of the party to join the bride and groom and for a stunned moment, nobody moved and the bride and groom started to leave the floor. Grabbing my microphone, I stopped them from sitting down again and eventually two or three other couples joined them on the dance floor.

As soon as Micheal Jackson faded away and I did my back announcement, the dance floor cleared and stayed that way for the rest of the night. I don’t count the young children who spent time dodging the moving lights or the one woman who went up to try to get a two-year old to dance.

So the whole gig was conducted at lower sound level than normal. Although I was effectively background Muzak, it was very liberating not to have to sustain a packed dance floor, but to dig out lots of good songs that I hadn’t played in a while. My whole style of presentation was more like a radio show than a disco and I did, at one point, actually say, “Lakeside FM”.

We have another gig tomorrow night in Huthwaite which is a 40th Wedding Anniversary and 60th Birthday party. Even though our key instruction is for no flashing lights, I am looking forward to this one. By my reckoning it could be a bit of a sixties / seventies night, but I’ll let you know how we get on.

I guess we’re now into the Easter weekend, please accept my best wishes for a great holiday.

Ride Safe


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