Updating Websites

Following on from the re-launched and refreshed fundraising campaign by the Derwent and Wye Valley Railway Trust, I have now refreshed the trust’s website at www.dwvrt.org.uk

In addition I have spent quite a lot of time refreshing our work website to improve the navigation for its users and I had planned to work with our lovely admin team to upload it today. Unfortunately, they very quickly found a problem with the coding that took me most of the afternoon to fix, so the new work website won’t go live until tomorrow morning.

Please take a look at www.sdcvs.org.uk when it’s up.

Whilst neither of these websites have had a full redesign, it’s great to be able to contribute to information on the web being right up to date.

I’d appreciate your comments about both of these sites – especially if you’re going to say something nice.

Ride safe


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