A Visit To The Battlefield Line

Saturday had been gloriously warm and we had spent quite a lot of the day in the garden. Today wasn’t quite so good, but it was fine and dry, if a little breezy and chilly at times. So we decided that we deserved some time off from the daily grind and decided to pay another visit to the Battlefield line at Shackerstone.

Last time we went was almost exactly a year ago, on 6th April 2009. On that occasion, they were running a diesel, Class 31, 31101. Although their website tells us that they have a fairly substantial steam fleet, today’s services were also diesel-hauled, being run by Class 25, D5217 in early 1960s green livery.

D5217 and Chuffing Hog at Shackerstone

D5217 and Chuffing Hog at Shackerstone

As ever, Sue captured some great photos of the day, but I also had a creative moment or two and produced this video of D5217 running round its train at Shackerstone station.

Class 25 diesels are one of a group of diesel locomotives that were christened “Rats” by enthusiasts. There a number of theories online about origin of this less than flattering nickname, but my own memory was that they were introduced towards the end of steam and diehard steam enthusiasts simply coined an insulting name for these new-fangled machines.

We have a had our video camera for a little while now, but this is the first successful edit I have managed to complete. I recounted my first unsuccessful attempt just after Christmas 2009 in this blog post. Now that I seem to have a slightly better grasp of what I am doing, there could well be no holding me back.

Chuffing Hog goes all Cecil B De Mille

Chuffing Hog goes all Cecil B De Mille

We went on the train to Shenton, the site of the Bosworth Battlefield, but as it was windy and cold, we wimped out and stayed in the train and came back to Shackerstone.
Sue has a real talent for spotting unusual photo opportunities and I really like this one that she captured of a brilliant volunteer recruitment notice just outside the station.

Noticeboard at Shackerstone Station for their "Adult Creche"

Noticeboard at Shackerstone Station for their "Adult Creche"

This sign says:

New for 2010 at the Battlefield Line

Adult Creche

Drop the man in your life here at Shackerstone Station
You can then enjoy some well deserved retail therapy at a nearby shopping mall

Ask for a leaflet today

We had a great day out at the Battlefield Line, but next time we go, I really must make sure that they are running one of their steam locos.

Ride Safe


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