A Tamla Motown Collection – Part 11

Kim Weston – I’m Still Loving You TMG 511

The UK Tamla Motown label debut for one Motown’s underrated solo stars was written and produced by Sylvia Moy, William Stevenson and Ivy Jo Hunter.

The intro is a brief “hello” from the drums, quickly leading into Kim (backed by the Andantes).

This is a record where the voices dominate, pushing the music back into the mix. The drama builds when the 6-note “ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh AHHHHH” then trails off to a nice sweep of strings and horns. Then there is Kim.

I’d love to have been in the studio when Kim was singing and when the Funk Brothers delivered another classic track. Soaring and absolutely enthralling, the music provides an excellent canvass for Kim to create her art. Check out one of the trademarks of a William Stevenson / Ivy Jo Hunter production on the bridge; whereas most producers featured a saxophone solo on the bridge, Stevenson and Hunter usually featured a full-brass section performing a passage. Here on “I’m Still Loving You” there is a very nice two-level horn arrangement. Also note the out-of-the-blue, unexpected key change.

“I’m Still Loving You.” A great, if sadly underrated Motown recording from the always magnificent Kim Weston.


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