A Tamla Motown Collection – Part 17

Choker Campbell & His Band – Mickey’s Monkey – TMG 517

This single is the ultimate UK Tamla Motown rarity. I have only ever laid my eyes on one copy and copies for sale appear so rarely that prices go beyond silly into crazy. This track had some plays on the Northern Soul circuit, but since that was fuelled as much by rarity as musical quality, I leave it to you to make up your own mind about how well Choker Campbell has interpreted this song.

Choker Campbell was a band leader whose 16 piece combo produced some interesting big-band instrumental reworks of early Motown songs. Even more rare than this single, is the album that this single was lifted from. I have never seen a UK copy of this and have only ever heard of the existence of one copy. There must be a few more about, but this must  be one of the hen’s teeth of record collecting.

If you’d like to follow-up more of Choker Campbell’s recordings, there have been a number of compilation CDs in recent years that have included this track and others from this elusive album.


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