A Tamla Motown Collection – Part 22

The Miracles – Tracks Of My Tears – TMG 522

What is there to say about this track that hasn’t already said far more eloquently? It was the biggest hit of the prolific Tamla Motown group, The Miracles and their leader/singer Smokey Robinson.

Written by Smokey Robinson, Pete Moore (bass vocalist) and Marv Tarplim (Guitarist). The story behind the song described by Smokey Robinson —

Tracks of My Tears’ was actually started by Marv Tarplin, who is a young cat who plays guitar for our act. So he had this musical thing, you know, and we worked around with it, and worked around, and it became ‘Tracks of My Tears’.

The song was the Miracles 4 million seller in the USA, but their second UK Tamla Motown Release. It wasn’t a huge UK hit until its re-release in 1969. Since then, This song has also been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, and is listed by Rolling Stone magazine as Number 50 in its listing of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.


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