A Tamla Motown Collection – Part 26

The Temptations – Since I Lost My Baby – TMG 526

When the Tamla Motown label in the UK got their hands on this heartfelt slice of pure soul, they must have had high hopes that it would repeat it’s US Top 40 success where it reached number 17. I share the disappointment that must have been felt in in Hayes, Middlesex, at the EMI headquarters.

This definitive version has the inimitable David Ruffin out front, but listen out for Melvin Franklin’s bass “Oh Yeah” a couple of lines in to the song.

In fact this song has never made an impact here in the UK, despite versions of it by a number of UK and US artists. The Action released their George Martin-produced version in 1966. Luther Vandross covered the song in 1982 album Angie Stone re-recorded it for the Vandross tribute album So Amazing: An All-Star Tribute to Luther Vandross. Also in 2005, the Legion of Mary, fronted by Jerry Garcia released an album containing an instrumental version from a May 22, 1975 concert. On Michael McDonald’s 2003 album, Motown (the first of 2 albums of Motown cover songs), the song was covered as well.

But as part of my project to remember and re-listen to every Tamla Motown single, let’s bring back a few memories.

Produced by Smokey Robinson


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