A Tamla Motown Collection – Part 27

The Supremes – Nothing But Heartaches – TMG 527

My project to remember and re-listen to every Tamla Motown single, reaches one of many high spots with this great Holland-Dozier Holland song from August 1965, although Motown boss, Berry Gordy was less than happy with its reception by the record-buying public of the USA . He went as far as to issue a memo that said:

We will release nothing less than Top Ten product on any artist; and because the Supremes’ world-wide acceptance is greater than the other artists, on them we will only release number-one records.

… and this was after this single “flopped” by peaking at number 11! But there is no trace of it ever having troubled the UK singles chart.

Perhaps it was Motown’s policy of creating follow-up singles that sounded a lot like the preceding hit. Certainly this track seems to have been a determined effort to break out of the cookie-cutter feel of “Stop In The Name of Love” and the other five consecutive number one singles. But in my book, neither its comparative lack of success nor its change in style does nothing to detract from its appeal.



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